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compression for dialogues

Better Dialogue: Compression for dialogues in films and documentaries.

A tip to improve your dialogues in Adobe Audition is to use compression. What a compressor does is decreases the dynamic range of dialogue-...

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filmmaking resources

All the filmmaking resources you will ever need

The filmmaking process is detailed and demands extreme attention to detail at every point. I have compiled a list of filmmaking resources that will...

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The Filmmaking Process- Part 3: Post-Production

We now have our film footage and all the sound recorded but the crucial part is still left to be done- The edit of...

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The Filmmaking process- Part 2: Production Design

So we have all the written material with us, we have the story, the script, the storyboard and everything else that is to be...

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filmmaking process

The Filmmaking Process- Part 1: Writing

Everyone with a smartphone has taken some kind of video at some point in their lives. Recording video has never been easier and phones...

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