Bhagoriya is a short documentary about the Bhagoriya Haat(market) which is held for seven days before the Holi festival. The documentary explores the misconceptions associated with the festival and delves into the role of political parties in reshaping the haat...
अस्तित्व (Existence) is a microfilm drawing parallels between the story of Sita from Ramayana and a modern-day woman in the Indian society.
The Last Coach
The Last Coach is an ethnographic short film shot while traveling in the general compartment of the Indian Railways. More than four thousand kilometers and seven states were covered for this documentary.
Capsule in its 2 min runtime comments on our need to work for others in order to earn a living and how in the process we become nothing more than a dispensible robot.
Poor Theater
Poor Theater follows four theater artists performing a play on the occasion of world theater day. Throughout the film, they talk about the irony that is the life of a theater artist via their play.  
Wisdom Well
Wisdom Well an installation for the Swami Vivekananda Museum in Khetri, Rajasthan. The installation demanded a mystical feeling and the sound design needed to bring that feeling out.
Yakshaprashna is a short fiction film about the relationship of a teenage boy with his father. It is a tiny tale of understanding that occurs between members of an Indian family.
Hotel California
Hotel California is a love story of a kid who falls in love with a woman much older than him. He tries to woo her but she already has an ongoing romance with the stud of the village.