Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring: Life just is, but what is it?

Anyone aware of Kim Ki-duk knows how obscure, metaphorical and mysterious his films are. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… And Spring is no different. If...

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Zorba the Greek: A celebration of life(?)

A young, borderline austere Englishman visits a small village in Greece to claim his inheritance and finds a middle-aged man who helps him learn...

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idlers of the fertile valley

Idlers of the fertile valley: Allegory for the present times?

Idlers of the fertile valley is a 1978 Greek drama film revolving around a father, his three sons and a maid who takes care...

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Harakiri: Your morals and ideals are all a facade

Harakiri the 1962 Japanese gem is much more than a simple story of a ronin (a Samurai who no longer serves a feudal lord)...

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Rashomon: You decide

Rashomon is another 1950 Japanese masterpiece by Akira Kurosawa. It follows an incident in which a bandit kidnaps, rapes a woman and later kills...

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iron maiden, writing blog post

I have tried writing this before

This the third time that I am trying to start a blog. The first time I did this was when I was in my...

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